COMBINED HEAT AND POWER PLANTS - our references* - During the last years a high number of combined heat and power plants have been installed by the MENZER GmbH. Besides important references in Germany, we were able to achieve valuable experiences at global projects. Please have a look on a selection of some of our projects in Germany*. *due to current European data protection laws, only locations are given Aachen, public utilities Berlin, airport Berlin Lange Enden, power station Dresden, chip manufacturer Eberswalde, public utilities Garmisch-Patenkirchen, public institution Hamburg, public utilities Hamburg, aviation industries Leipzig, public utilities Lemgo, public utilities Monheim, public utilities Murnau, public institution Neu Ulm, thermal bath Oranienburg, public utilities Pirmasens, manufacturing industry Pirmasens, public utilities Quedlinburg, public utilities Ramstein, public utilities Ratingen, public utilities Reutlingen, public utilities Senftenberg, public utilities Wismar, public utilities Wuppertal, pharmaceutical industries .
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