01.04.1991 Foundation of the Company Elektro-Service-Menzer by Mr. Dipl. Ing. Maik Menzer in Gera 01.01.1992 Change of company's legal status into a GmbH 1994 First power plant installation in Germany 1999 Specialization into power plants for governmental and business clients 11.1999 Installation of the first foreign power plant in Aden/Yemen in cooperation with four Deutz machines 628 with 1,8 MW power output 2002 Cooperation with manufacturers of large scale industrial motors during the construction and installation phase of combined heat and power plants Training and direction of personnel and service support for successfully running of power plants worldwide Establishment of marketing and distribution of complete switch gears at home and abroad 2004 Broadening the spectrum of activities through training and instructions Establishment of the Sales Office in Munich 2005 Complementing the sales repertoire of the company with accessories such as transformers, wiring, pipes, etc. for power plants 2006 Development of a Research and Marketing structure for veg-oil combined heat and power plants 2009 Establishment of international recognition in the area of power plant installation 01.2010 Certification as "Siemens Certified Service Technician Level 1 / kompakt (incl. SPS-technician according to VDMA/ZVEI)" 04.2016 The MENZER GmbH is celebrating its 25th anniversary
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